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Housing Finance International Winter 2022

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Ad Hereijgers: Retrofit policies practices and pilots across Europe
  • Rosie Collins and Hannah Ouellet: Building a better future: do Aotearoa New Zealand’s housing decarbonisation policies stack up?
  • Wolfgang Amann: Can decarbonisation of the Austrian building stock be achieved by 2040?
  • Richard Blyth and Harry Steele: Location of development: the strengths and shortcomings of the planning system in relation to the decarbonisation agenda
  • Vishnu Vallathparambil: Affordable housing in India
  • Saskia van Balen and Joost Nieuwenhuijzen: Interest rates, affordability and the cost of living in the Netherlands


Housing Finance International Autumn 2022

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Julie Lawson/ Grzegorz Gajda: Ukraine’s housing recovery requires well designed strategic capital investment
  • Alan Morris: The housing challenges facing the new federal government in Australia and its policy responses
  • Jamie Woodwell/ Mike Fratantoni/ Edward Seiler: Who owns climate risk in the U.S. real estate market?
  • Eva Gerőhazi/ Hanna Szemző/ Eszter Tura: Decarbonising the Hungarian housing stock: the case of the multi-apartment buildings
  • David Orr: Affordable housing and Net Zero: tensions and possible directions


Housing Finance International Summer 2022

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Sveinn Agnarsson: The Icelandic housing market: on the road to stability
  • Office of the Counsellor for Building Regulations, Housing Bureau, Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism: Japan: promotion of energy efficiency measures in the residential sector
  • Jean-Pierre Schaefer: Innovation in housing decarbonisation: France
  • Patrick Goldie: How to make housing in developing countries affordable and sustainable
  • Saskia Van Balen: Can we reduce emissions and energy poverty at once?


Housing Finance International Spring 2022

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Shamubeel Eaqub: New Zealand: a regulatory bellwether?
  • Shaun Stevens: Affordable housing: how sustainable is investment in housing REITs?
  • Stacey Shindelar: The FHA’s HECM program: proposal for separation from the MMI fund and conversion to a HUD
  • Otmar Stöcker and Andreas Luckow: Insolvency protection according to Pfandbrief law, and how it relates to UK cover assets