Structure and organisation – Secretariat

Council of Members

The Council of Members is the supreme body of the Union. It comprises the Officers (President, First Deputy President and Secretary General), Deputy Presidents, Past-Presidents and World Congress Secretary or Secretaries of the Union, as well as one representative from each member not otherwise represented on the Council. It determines the general policy and affairs of the Union and it is convened every two years, at the biennial World Congresses. Meetings of the Council of Members are chaired by the President of the Union.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for implementing the policy set by the Council of Members and for overseeing the administrative affairs of the Union. The Committee comprises the President of the Union, up to ten Deputy Presidents, no more than twenty members (of which no more than three shall come from the same country) and the Secretary General.


Renu Sud Karnad was elected President of the International Union for Housing Finance at the meeting
of the Council of Members preceding the 31st World Congress in Cape Town in November 2019. Ms. Renu Sud Karnad is the Managing Director of HDFC Ltd., India.

Secretary General

Mark Weinrich took up his position as Secretary General of the International Union for Housing Finance on
2 September 2015. Mark Weinrich is also Manager of International Public Relations of the Association of Private German Bausparkassen.