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What is the HFI

The IUHF’s quarterly online publication, Housing Finance International (HFI), provides unique insights into the constantly evolving world of housing finance, as it uncovers a wealth of detailed expertise and knowledge,
which is demonstrated both in the breadth of its geographic coverage and in the in depth analysis offered.

HFI is the ideal publication for:

  • Lenders and other mortgage market professionals both on the retail lending and mortgage funding side;
  • Housing professionals including those working in the affordable housing sector;
  • Housing and mortgage market policy makers/influencers including officials, elected representatives and commentators;
  • Academics and researchers; and
  • Anyone with an interest in housing finance issues.

For a list of the most recent published articles, please click here.

How you can access the HFI

  • Eight most recent issues: Access to these editions of the journal is reserved
    for HFI subscribers and members of the Union.
  • All other issues: Access is free-of-charge via the HFI Journal Archives.

How you can become a subscriber

HFI has two types of subscriptions:

  • Individual: Where only the individual subscriber has access to the four most recent editions of HFI via their personalised username and password provided by the Secretariat; and
  • Institutional: Where the whole institution or organisation has access to the four most recent editions of HFI. Generally, the main contact with the Union downloads HFI (as a pdf) when he/she receives the e-mail confirming the publication of HFI and then makes it available via the organisation’s intranet or in-house network. An alternative is to print a copy that can then be filed or circulated internally.

For further information about the HFI, becoming a subscriber or if you have any questions concerning what it can offer you, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat.