The International Union for Housing Finance has members in all continents, which affords it a complete panorama on housing finance issues of the day around the world. This international panorama serves as a basis for the networking activities that the Union undertakes, which aim to:

  • Facilitate global contact between member organisations and their officers and directors, and to be a source of international leadership in housing finance.
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge amongst members about housing finance issues throughout the world
    and to serve as a recognised primary source of information on international housing finance.
  • Influence opinion leaders to adopt policies and initiatives which will promote housing.
  • Promote approaches that are promising to address the global challenge of housing affordability.
  • Facilitate business opportunities between member institutions.
  • Promote and facilitate the development of housing finance systems in emerging countries.
  • Encourage cooperation between the public and private sector in the housing and housing finance industry.

The Union’s quarterly journal, Housing Finance International, focuses on key issues in housing and housing finance as they emerge and follows their evolution.