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Housing Finance International Winter 2020

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Adriana Mihaela Soaita, Duncan Maclennan, Kenneth Gibb: The social and economic consequences of housing wealth inequalities
  • Jean-Pierre Schaefer: Housing and urban development in France under the sword of Damocles of present and future medical crises
  • Marina Khmelnitskaya, Aleksandra Burdyak, Olga Pushina: Russian housing at a time of Covid: the impact, policy response and legal trends
  • Wale Yoade: Evaluation of incremental housing development in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria
  • Nigel Hyde, Clive Thursfield: Destiny Village, Sierra Leone - A comprehensive, sustainable and holistic relocation approach that can transform a nation
  • Noor Mazhar: Towards cities without slums: a sustainable policy approach for Morocco


Housing Finance International Autumn 2020

  • Regional News round-ups
  • Widya Estiningrum, Achwal Farisi, Wahyu Lubis, Yesi Septiani: Affordable housing finance for informal workers
  • Andrew Jones, Lisa Stead, Lucy Livesley: Partnership and financial innovation: Reall and unlocking affordable housing markets in urban Africa and Asia
  • Peter Williams: Coping with Covid? Housing and mortgage markets in the UK
  • Otmar Stöcker: EU harmonisation of covered bonds
  • Adewale Olufunlola Yoade, Sesan Adeniyi Adeyemi: The impact of socio-cultural attributes on residential satisfaction in Oroki Housing Estate, Osogbo, Nigeria


Housing Finance International Summer 2020

  • Regional News round-ups
  • Rob Thomas: How might the coronavirus crisis affect the financial system and housing finance in the longer term?
  • Saskia van Balen and Joost Nieuwenhuijzen: Decoding a new reality: what does Covid-19 mean for affordable housing finance in Europe?
  • Joseph Fraker: An exploration of black housing and wealth inequality in the suburbs: a call to action
  • Luca Bertalot: Covered Bonds, between innovation and tradition: building the Capital Markets Union and shaping a greener future
  • Christopher Feather: Aligning public-private partnerships to deliver affordable rental stock: the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit [LIHTC] program in the United States
  • Josie McVitty: The rise of impact investing stimulating investment in housing


Housing Finance International Spring 2020

  • Regional News round-ups
  • Anacláudia Marinheiro Centeno Rossbach: where is the innovation? Global perspectives on the affordability challenge:
  • Fiona Stewart: what role can pension funds play?Addressing the affordable housing conundrum:
  • Leonore Cairncross and Eloshan Naicker: Green innovation for long-term affordability
  • Alan Morris: The bushfires in Australia and housing
  • Andrew Baddeley-Chappell: The UK housing market – stuck in a rut