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Housing Finance International December 2008

  • Housing and Real Estate Bubbles: Thailand's Boom and Bust Cycles
  • Owning up: What Price Home Ownership?
  • Overview of Financial Systems for Slum Upgrading and Housing
  • Social Housing facing the EU Law
  • Housing and Housing Finance: A Social Challenge and Economic Opportunity
  • Factors Affecting Borrower's Choice of Housing Loan Package in South-western Nigeria
  • Housing Finance in Germany: A Stable Funding Scheme Model


Housing Finance International September 2008

  • Risk, Governance and the Housing Market
  • The Housing Boom and the Bust in Spain: Impact of the Securitisation Model and Dynamic Provisioning
  • Indonesian Home Purchasers' Loan Preferences
  • Housing Microfinance in Vietnam: A Mass Market Still Left Unattended
  • Shrugging Off the Lethargy – Trends in the Uganda Mortgage Market
  • \"Not Just Another Seminar\" – or What Happened at the FIG/UN HABITAT Stockholm Seminar on Improving Slum Conditions Through Innovative Financing, 16-17 June


Housing Finance International June 2008

  • Obsessed with Public Mortgage Banking – the US should give Private Sector a far chance
  • Does Central Bank Transparency Matter for Housing Finance in Central and Eastern Europe?
  • Condominium Housing and Mortgage Lending in Emerging Markets – Constraints and Opportunities
  • Ghana Residential Property Delivery Constraints and Affordability Analysis
  • The Impact of Mortgage Servicing on the Performance of Mortgage Banking Institutions in Uganda: A Case Study of Housing Finance Company (U) Ltd.
  • Who's for Low- Income Housing? The Role of Housing Finance alleviating Urban Poverty


Housing Finance International March 2008

  • The House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) – Pakistan. An institutional turnaround spanning 2005-2007
  • Housing and Housing Finance in Algeria: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Market-Liberal Homeowner Societies: Questions of Convergence in & around Anglo-Saxon Model?
  • Better Foreclosures make Better Access to Mortgage Lending
  • Chile’s Housing Finance: A Story of Success?
  • From Renters to Owners: The Case of Germany
  • Housing Development and Housing Finance in Briain – some lessons for emerging markets