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Housing Finance International November 1988

  • Mortgage Guarantee Insurance in the UK
  • Australia's Housing Loans Insurance Corporation
  • Capital Requirements for Mortgage Lenders - International Convergence
  • Progress towards a Single European Market for Mortgage Credit
  • The Building Societies and the Irish Housing Finance Market
  • IUBSSA Annual Meeting 1988 a report of the 1988 meeting
  • Progress in Housing Finance Development a report by the chairman, Deepak Parekh, to IUBSSA's Housing Finance Development Committee
  • African Union Holds Annual Meeting a summary of the meeting held on September 16, 1988
  • Jordan's Housing Finance Institutions
  • Annual Meeting of the European Federation a summary of the meeting held October 4, 1988
  • Success of India's Housing Development Finance Corporation
  • Where Deregulation Went Wrong review of book by Norman Strunk and Fred Case


Housing Finance International August 1988

  • Creating a Housing Finance Strategy in Developing Countries
  • Land Registration: Registration of Title in England and Wales
  • Housing Finance in Italy
  • Harnessing Technology to Housing Finance
  • ATMs and Cash Dispensers - Past, present and Future
  • Housing Finance in Advanced Countries
  • Danish Institution which Operates Internationally
  • Ecuador's Housing Plan and Progress
  • New Roles for Older Housing
  • Austrian Bausparkassen in 1987 summary of the report 1987 annual report of the Association of Austrian Bausparkassen
  • Financing Housing - the Bryce Curry Seminar
  • Land and Housing Policies in Europe and the USA book review
  • Inter-American Housing Union Ponders Future Role


Housing Finance International May 1988

  •  Mortgage Rates - Fixed and Variable Options
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages - the US Experience
  • Variable Rate Mortgages - the British Experience
  • Fixed and Variable Mortgage Rates in West Germany
  • Competition between Lenders for Finance in the Capital Markets
  • Developments in the Spanish Mortgage Market
  • Secondary Mortgage Market Grows in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Infolink - the UK Credit Information Agency
  • The Housing Finance System in Mexico
  • Federal Home Loan bank of New York's Role in Affordable Housing
  • How AID Works in Developing Countries summary of the 1987 annual report of the Office of Housing and Urban Programs of the United States Agency for International DevelopmentMore Variety in the Canadian Residential Mortgage market


    Housing Finance International February 1988

    • Ownership and Transfer of Real Property: an International Study
    • Mortgage - backed Securities: the Canadian Experience
    • The Housing Finance System in Kenya
    • Urban Growth : Development of Viable Housing Finance Systems
    • Housing Finance Subsidies in Brazil
    • The Problem of Lending in Developing Countries
    • Central American Countries Promote New Housing Finance Programmes
    • Third World housing: the Task Ahead
    • Two Innovative Housing Finance Schemes summary of projects by the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (HABITAT)
    • Dominican Savings and Loan System's 25 Successful Years
    • Housing in the EEC review of a book by Augusti Jover Armenegol
    • Global Report on Human Settlements a book review