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Housing Finance International December 2005

  • Specialization of Covered Bond Issuers in Europe
  • On Truly Privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Why It?s Important and How To Do It
  • Bausparkassen and Globalisation
  • How To Boost Rental Housing Construction in CEE-/SEE-Countries
  • South Africa's Financial Sector Charter: Where From, Where To?
  • Turkey: Rapid Progress Towards A Secondary Mortgage Market
  • Housing Finance Models and Standards in the Republic of Croatia


Housing Finance International September 2005

  • Framing the Issues: Housing Finance
  • Attracting Private Capital into Low-Income Markets
  • Setting the Context: Kenya
  • Setting the Context: Mexico
  • Setting the Context: South Africa
  • Setting the Context: Thailand
  • The Bellagio Declaration
  • Economic Development, and Policy Innovation


Housing Finance International June 2005

  • Risky Business? The Challenge of Residential Mortgage Markets
  • A Glass Half Full/Half Empty: The ''Internationalisation'' of Mortgage Insurance
  • The Role of Mortgage Insurance under the New Global Regulatory Frameworks
  • Guarantee Funds: An International Perspective
  • Is Creditor Insurance and Effective Risk Management Tool?


Housing Finance International March 2005

  • Housing Finance in the United Arab Emirates
  • Roundtable in the Andean Region
  • Housing Finance Practices and Development of a Secondary Mortgage Market in Turkey
  • Korean Mortgage Markets: Transition to Securitizations
  • The Mortgage Holding Subsidiary Concept: A Structure for Efficient Fixed-Rate Housing Finance
  • 'American ''Housing GSEs'': Past Triumphs, Present Tensions, Possible Futures'