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Housing Finance International December 2006

  • Expanding Microfinance for Housing
  • Scaling Up Housing Microfinance for Slum Upgrading
  • Promoting Housing Finance Development in Armenia
  • A Rising Star: The National Mortgage Insurance Corporation of Serbia
  • Update on Egyptian Mortgage Lending


Housing Finance International September 2006

  • Improving the conditions for residential mortgages in Ukraine: An analysis of mortgage lending opportunities and selected interventions - A case study
  • Specifics of Credit Risk Assessment in Mortgage Lending - Sample of Russia
  • Kyrgyzstan's ''Squatter Communities'' and the Potential of Housing Micro Finance to Support Upgrading
  • Housing Finance and Regional Integration - Former Yugoslav Case: Could it Work?
  • Subprime mortgage lending: recognising its potential and managing its risks
  • 'The Montego Bay Declaration of the International Shelter Conference: ''Challenges of the Housing Market in the 21st Century'


Housing Finance International June 2006

  • Strengthening the Capacity of the Housing Sector in Iraq
  • Egypt: Overview of the Housing Sector
  • How US-Style Title Insurance is Transforming Risk Management in European Real Estate Markets
  • The Remaking of Housing Policy: The New Zealand Housing Strategy for the 21st Century
  • Home Loans - Recent Trends in Sri Lanka
  • Local Authority Housing Policy in Japan: Is It Secure to Function As Safety Net?


Housing Finance International March 2006

  • Characterizing East Asian Home Ownership: Examining the Significance of Diversity in Housing Systems
  • Globalization and Localization: Economic Performance and the Housing Markets of the Asian Tigers since the Financial Crisis
  • Housing Modifications, Neighbourhood Environment, and Housing Prices: Traditional Paradigms Re-examined
  • Housing Mortgage and Housing Transaction in China: Bridging the Missing Links
  • China's Housing Provident Fund: Its Success and Limitations
  • A Study on the Chinese Housing Policy During Social Transition: Practice and Development
  • Correction to authorship details in Housing Finance International - September 2005