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For a list of the articles published in the Housing Finance International journal from 2019 till now, please click here.

Housing Finance International Winter 2019

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Sylvain Guerrini & Pierre Schaefer: Tax incentives for households in favour of investmentin rental housing in France – regardless of the argumentsfor and against, could this be a source of inspirationfor other countries?
  • Otmar Stöcker: Towards harmonisation of covered bonds in Europe
  • Olu Olanrewaju & Michael Appleby: Lessons from the UK housing sector and applicationfor emerging economies
  • Masahiro Kobayashi: An update on the Japanese housing market
  • Lew Schulman: Digitizing housing finance to increase transparencyand reduce risk
  • Andre Asselin: A New approach for housing demand and supply in Nigeria:the housing continuum concept
  • Saskia van Balen: EFL Conference Report 2019: Making private equity workfor housing affordability


Housing Finance International Autumn 2019

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Nicholas Addai Boamah, Martin Owusu Ansah, Emmanuel Opoku: The state of the housing finance market in Ghana: the role of household characteristics and housing condition
  • Vuyisani Moss: Creating a development bank to finance affordable housing in South Africa is a timely catalyst to address the demand and supply challenges
  • Guntis Solks, Adam Nemeth, Janis Balodis, Matiss Jakunovs: Ethnic diversity and real estate market dynamics: the case of Riga, Latvia
  • Francesco Masala: The Italian residential mortgage market Angelo Peppetti
  • J-Han Ho: REIWA Curtin University Buy-Rent Index for Perth, Western Australia


Housing Finance International Summer 2019

  • Regional new round-ups
  • Alan Morris: House prices plummet in Sydney: the financialisation of housing comes unstuck
  • Seung Dong You: Public rental housing in Korea: issues and policy implications Residents of Lilac Grove: Mutual homeownership: a route for permanently affordable community-led housing
  • Eliza Platts-Mills: Community-led shared equity housing in the UK and in the US; lessons shared across the pond
  • Basirat Oyalowo, Oluwaseun Muraina, Timothy Nubi, Taofeeq Okegbenro: Borrowing constraints in homeownership and improvements in a Lagos housing sub-market
  • Peter Williams, Alex J. Pollock: Review of “Finance and philosophy: why we are always surprised”


Housing Finance International Spring 2019

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Nabil Bonduki: Community led housing in Brazil: Historical review, current situation and intervention prospects
  • Olivier Hassler: An inspiring example of a guarantee for informal sectorhouseholds: FOGARIM in Morocco
  • Luca Bertalot: Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative: The engagementof the mortgage industry to deliver sustainable financefor the housing sector
  • Yusong Deng: China’s urban housing market: situation, challenges andpolicy orientation