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Housing Finance International December 2007

  • The Global Housing Price Boom and its Aftermath
  • Mortgage Liquidity Facilities
  • Securitization of Mortgage Loans as a Housing Finance System. To be or not to be.
  • Increasing Affordability Problems - A Role for Shared Equity Products? Experience in Australia and the UK - An Update
  • Egyptian Consumers' Knowledge of Mortgage Finance and Property Registration
  • The Role of Housing Microfinance in Supporting Sustainable Livelihood
  • Ghana Primary Mortgage


Housing Finance International September 2007

  • The Role of Primary Mortgage Institutions in Housing
  • A Just and Sustainable Shelter For AllRecent Experiences in the Housing Finance Sector - A Study with Reference to India
  • Housing Finance in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Risks
  • Has the Rise in Debt Made Households More Vulnerable?
  • Managing Mortgage Arrears and Possessions in the UK
  • Using Housing Finance Micro Data to Assess Financial Stability Risks


Housing Finance International June 2007

  • New Mechanisms for Developing Primary and Secondary Housing Finance Markets: The Case of Peru
  • The Regulation of Mortgage and Home Loans within the European Union
  • Mortgage Insurance and affordable housing solutions
  • Mortgage Insurance: Past and Present - A Perspective from Germany
  • Public Mortgage Guarantee: Risks for the Tax Payer?
  • Hedging mortgage default risk with mortgage guaranty insurance: A model for Europe?


Housing Finance International March 2007

  • Housing the No-income Group
  • Moldova: Guiding Mortgage Market Development Through Legal Reform
  • The Spanish Housing Market
  • The Irish Housing Market
  • UK Housing and the Economy