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Housing Finance International Winter 2018

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Jean-Pierre Schaefer: 2018, a turning point for social housing policy in France
  • Olivia Caldwell & Claude Clodomir: Haiti HOME: Catalyzing Haiti’s affordable housing market
  • Davina Wood: The Southern African Development Community’s housing investment landscape: Major players and trends
  • Paul Tostevin: The international market for second homes: Global trends in ownership and renting
  • Alix Goldstein: Report of the 2018 EFL Autumn Conference held in Milan


Housing Finance International Autumn 2018

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Arthur Acolin: Better location, better housing: incorporating location into affordable housing loan programs
  • Debasish Chakrabarty: Issues and challenges for the housing sector in Bangladesh; strengthening specialised state-owned financing
  • Eugen Doce: Housing finance in Tajikistan
  • Sien Winters: Flemish housing policy and outcomes: new directions after the reform of the Belgian State?
  • Sanjay Kumar: Affordable housing: a case of land ownership in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Housing Finance International Summer 2018

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Andrew Mills and John Oliver: Educational qualifications as a predictor of home loan success: 15 years of HomeStart’s graduate loan
  • Ernesto Infante Barbosa [Corresponding Author], Andrea Hernández, Claudia Castillo and José Cruz Triay: The role of development banks in financing sustainable and affordable housing: The EcoCasa program
  • Peter Williams, Steve Wilcox and Christine Whitehead: Reducing the risks of mortgage default and possession in the UK; an international perspective
  • Vuyisani Moss: Defaulting tenants and mortgage debtors in South Africa should not be sheltered under the PIE Act principles
  • Alan Morris: The financialisation of housing and the housing crisis in Sydney
  • Alexandra Leonhard: Regulation of the Swedish mortgage market
  • Alix Goldstein: The European Federation for Living [EFL] Spring Conference 2018


Housing Finance International Spring 2018

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Aqualine Suliali: “Open for business”: unlocking housing investment in Zimbabwe
  • James Mutero: Taxation of affordable housing in Africa
  • Peter Scheibstock: Housing for all: assessing sustainability factors of national housing programmes in India
  • Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi: Urbanization, slums growth and the challenge posed by a low-income habitat
  • Karly Greene and Heather Porter: A place apart? Trends and challenges in the Northern Ireland housing market