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Housing Finance International Winter 2016

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Kenneth Gibb: Scottish housing – a work in progress?
  • Marina Khmelnitskaya:Housing and housing finance in Russia at a time of crisis
  • Zaigham M. Rizvi: Pro-poor housing and energy poverty
  • Sandra Jurasszovich and Wolfgang Amann: Key findings of the national report on Austria for Habitat III
  • Jens Lunde and Christine Whitehead: Tracking changes in European housing finance
  • Book Review: The housing challenge in emerging Asia: options and solutions


Housing Finance International Autumn 2016

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Shamubeel Eaqub: The state of housing the housing market in New Zealand – trends, policies tried to date and their effectiveness
  • Seung Dong You: On a subtle balance between micro- and macro-economics: Perspectives in the South Korean housing finance market
  • Shi Ming Yu and Tien Foo Sing: Government’s role in housing: The case of Singapore
  • Steffen Wetzstein: The global urban housing crisis and private rental in the Anglophone world: future-proofing a critical sector and tenure
  • Andreas Luckow: Security rights over immovable property: An international comparison of legal provisions at a glance
  • Peter Williams: Book Review: Milestones in European Finance; edited by Jens Lunde and Christine Whitehead, John Wiley and Sons Ltd., 2016 – £85.00


Housing Finance International Summer 2016

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Julie Lawson: Federal structures and public housing
  • Peter Williams and Michael Oxley: Funding affordable housing; a rapid and concise review
  • Marietta Haffner, Joris Hoekstra, Connie Tang and Michael Oxley: Exploring institutional investment in social rental housing in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France
  • Victor Mints: Housing Microfinance; does it make any sense?
  • K I Woo: Stimulus measures driving confidence and growth in the Thai real estate sector in 2016


Housing Finance International Spring 2016

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Wolfgang Amann: Housing affordability in the New Europe
  • Noah Kofi Karley: The determinants of office rents in Accra, Ghana
  • R. V. Verma: Financing home ownership: Some sectoral perspectives
  • Francis Eddu: A low cost housing project at IDH colony in Telangana State, India
  • Zaigham M. Rizvi: Population growth, urbanization and slums: Challenges for developing low-income affordable housing
  • Lijing Du, Michael DeWally, Ying Ying Shao, Daniel Singer: Income equality and home ownership in United States urban areas