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Housing Finance International November 1987

  • The Housing Finance System in France
  • Rabobank Group: Biggest Mortgage Lender in the Netherlands
  • South Africa : Building Societies Help the Urban Poor
  • Building Societies' Role in Zimbabwe
  • Shelter Afrique: the First Three Years
  • Major Role for Colombia's Central Mortgage Bank
  • Canadian IYSH Conference summary of the meeting held from September 13-16, 1987
  • IUBSSA Annual Meeting Held in Hong Kong summary of the meeting held in October, 1987
  • 1987 - A Year of Intense Housing Finance Activity extracts from a report by Deepak Parekh, presented at the IUBSSA's annual meeting in Hong Kong, October, 1987


Housing Finance International August 1987

  • Secondary Mortgage Markets - National or International?
  • UK Building Societies and International Capital Market
  • Shelter, Settlement and Development book review
  • Urban Housing Finance Report Completed by OECD summary of the final report of the OECD project group on Urban Housing Finance, OECD, 1987
  • Role of the International Finance Corporation
  • African Institutions Adopt Recommendations on Shelter and Urban Development summary of a workshop in Mangochi, Malawi, March 1987
  • Housing Policy and Practice in Asia book review, Housing Policy and Practice in Asia edited
  • Tenure Conversion book review, Housing Policy and Equality: A Comparative Study of Tenure Conversions and their Effects
  • Mobilising Small-Scale Savings book review, Mobilising Small-Scale Savings, Approaches, Costs and Benefits
  • Housing Finance in Developing Countries


Housing Finance International May 1987

  • Home Ownership and Renting: International Comparisons
  • Home Ownership in Canada Back on an Upward Curve
  • Over Half French Homes Now Owner-occupied
  • UK Owner-Occupation Rate Should Approach 75%
  • Further Rise Expected in US Home Ownership
  • Profile: The Korea Housing Bank
  • German Bausparkassen Help Finance Nine Million Homes
  • How Sri Lanka is Tackling Housing Finance Problems
  • Major Legislative Change for New Zealand Societies
  • UN Commission on Human Settlements Meets in Nairobi
  • Housing Finance in the United Kingdom


Housing Finance International February 1987

  • Improving Urban Shelter Strategies in Developing Countries
  • Stimulating Housing Development in Developing Countries
  • The Financing of Housing in Brazil
  • India: A Third World Housing Finance Success Story
  • Major Reform of Housing Finance System in Sweden
  • Reform of Subsidies for Owner-occupied Housing in Germany
  • Singapore's Unique Housing Finance System
  • Mortgage Servicing - the New Profit Centre
  • Homelessness: Shelter Needs and Housing Finance Institutions' Role