Housing Finance International Journal Archives

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Housing Finance International Winter 2012

  • Regional news round-ups
  • Debate – Regulation and housing finances: the way forward
  • Is Scottish housing policy diverging from policy in England? The complexity of devolution in practice
  • How demographics contribute to mortgage default: using binary logistic regression to draw interferences
  • Land factors and their impact on the housing finance market in Ghana
  • Models of Islamic housing finance for the renovation of houses in Pakistan
  • Impact of the financial crisis on the housing finance system in Kuwait

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Housing Finance International Autumn 2012

  • Impact of the financial crisis on the housing finance systems of Bahrain and Quatar
  • European Union opts to regulate mortgage credit
  • \”Orthodox\” and \”unorthodox\” Hungarian politican measure to alleviate the situation faced by foreign currency mortgage debtors
  • From owning to renting; tenure trends in England, 1993 to 2025
  • Housing subsidy policy in Brazil: on overview of the last five decades
  • Housing finance in developing countries

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Housing Finance International Summer 2012

  • Housing purchases by foreigners in France
  • The effectiveness of the French credit system faced with the challenge of budgetary restrictions
  • Towards cost-effective private financing of affordable rental housing
  • BASEL III to deliver a further blow to “financial inclusion” for South African mortgagors
  • Sustainable housing finance – an approach to get housing finance back on track
  • Investment in housing: demand versus supply sides subsidies – conclusion of the debate

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Housing Finance International Spring 2012

  • Pro-poor affordable housing: the issue we know, the answers we need
  • An overview of the housing sector in developing countries with a focus on India’s reforms
  • The demand for housing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Debate: Investment in housing – supply-side vs. demand-side subsidies
  • A review of recent developments in the Irish mortgage market and an assessment of the future projects
  • \”Managing risk\” in the delivery of housing finance: Australia’s mortgage lenders

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