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Housing Finance International Winter 2011

  • Explaining Australia’s trends in home ownership
  • Changing patterns in housing policy in the Republic of Benin
  • The Japan housing finance agency and its programmes to promote the acquisition of energy saving homes
  • How mortgage availability affects home price dynamics in China: a case study of Shanghai during the global financial crisis
  • Covered bond models in Europe – fundamentals on legal structures
  • The Icelandic housing market: recovering after turbulent times


Housing Finance International Autumn 2011

  • The Dutch Social Housing Model: The Success of Guaranties and Revolving Funds
  • Synergy Through Policies: Thailand’s Decades of Successful Low and Middle Income Housing Delivery
  • Why Did the GSE Model Fail in the US Residential Mortgage Markets During the 2007-2008 Crisis?
  • Overview of the Housing Industry and Housing Finance Sector in Uganda
  • The Northern Ireland Housing Market and Interconnections with the UK and Irish Housing Markets
  • Paving the Way to Extend Mortgage Lending to Lower Income Groups in Brazil: The Case of the French System


Housing Finance International Summer 2011

  • Recent Developments in the Housing Market in Poland
  • Mobilising Pension Assets for Housing Finance Needs in Africa - Experiences and Prospects in East Africa
  • Integration of Residential Mortgage Markets of Turkey and European Union in Light of Recent Regulation in Turkey
  • The Home Mortgage and Real Estate Market in Shanghai
  • Rajiv Gruha Kalpha: A pro-poor housing program in Andhra Pradesh, India
  • The Establishment of the Real Estate Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey (RERSAT)


Housing Finance International Spring 2011

  • The Global Financial Crisis and the Turkish Housing Market: Is There a Success Story?
  • Non-Recourse Mortgages and the Prevention of Housing Bubbles - A Proposal for a Change in the Default Rule on Mortgage Liability in Spain
  • Home Improvement Grants in Trinidad and England
  • Housing and Urbanisation in Algeria between 1966 and 2008
  • An Insight into the World of Mortgage Fraud in the US and UK
  • Islamic Finance and its Application in Housing Projects