2015 – 29th IUHF World Congress, Brazil

The 29th IUHF World Congress took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 2 to 4 September 2015 under the  motto
“Demand and Demographics: Challenges and Opportunities for Housing and Housing Finance Markets”.

The congress was co-hosted by Uniapravi and ABECIP.



Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ramón Santelices, president of UNIAPRVI
Andreas J. Zehnder, president of IUHF
Octavio de Lazari Jr., president of ABECIP

Opening by Gilberto Kassab, Minister of Cities of Brazil

First session: Demographic prospects and demand for housing and housing finance

Ricardo Jordán,Head of the Unit for Human Settlements, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC): Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges, dilemmas and commitments for a new urban Agenda
(in Spanish language)
Claudia Magalhães Eloy, Researcher for the Housing Lab, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of São Paulo, Brazil: Brazil’s Housing Finance System: the potential to address past accumulated needs and future demand

Second session: The economic situation and  prospects for housing finance markets

Octavio de Barros, Director and Chief Economist of Banco Bradesco, Brazil: Os bombeiros já chegaram aprofundamento da crise política pode favorecer criação de agena mínima – pessimismo se espraia com a crise política mas ninguém desiste do Brasil (in Portuguese language)
Ana Maria Castelo, Fundação Getulio Vargas Projetos, Brazil: Habitação: Evolução e desafios (in Portuguese)
João Paulo Rio Tinto de Matos, President of Ademi Rio, Brazil: A situação econômica e as perspectivas para o mercado de financiemento habitacional (in Portuguese)
Jie Chen, Director of Real Estate Research Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration University of Finance and Economics Shanghai, China: Perspectives of housing finance in China

Third session: The demographic impact on demand for housing and housing finance

Dr. Melhim Chalhublawyer and expert for real estate law, Melhim Chalhub Advogados Associados, Brazil:
Segurança jurídica – ercado imobiliário brasileiro (in Portuguese language)
Jay Brinkmann, former chief economist of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and former Trustee
of the Research Institute for Housing America, United States:
Demographic drivers of the homeownership rate. How should policy makers respond?
Masahiro Kobayashi, Director General for International Affairs of the Japan Housing Finance Agency, Japan:
The demographic impact on demand for housing and housing finance: Experiences in Japan
Patricio Donoso, Vice-President of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, Chile:
Cambios demográricos y demanda pro vivienda – la experiencia Chilena (in Spanisch language)

Fourth session: Shifting demographics and demand: Challenges and opportunities for housing finance
institutions and the product portfolio

Sebastián Fernández, Director for North America of UNIAPRAVI and Director of the Business Sector of Infonavit: Transformando vidas, creando oportunidades (in Spanish language)
Alessandra D’Avila presenting the paper for Inês Magalhães, National Secretary of Housing, Ministry of Cities, Brazil: Mudanças na demogafia e demanda habitacional: desafios e oportunidades (in Portuguese language)

Celebratory dinner for delegates and accompanying persons

Friday, 4 September 2015

Fifth session: Financing and planning of urban development and affordable housing

Andrew Heywood, Editor of the journal Housing Finance International and Visiting Fellow of the
Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research, United Kingdom:
The implications of the “Right to Buy” for the affordable housing sector
José María Ezquiaga DomínguezArchitect, Ezquiaga Arquitectura, Sociedad y Territorio, Spain: Impacto de la evolución demográfica en las políticas de vivienda: Los desafíos urbanos globales (in Spanish language)
Adelaide Steedley, Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa, South Africa:
Planning for better housing delivery in Africa
Alessandra D’Avila Vieira, Director of the Department for Precarious Settlements –
DUAP, Ministry of Cities: Urbanização de assentamentos precários (in Portuguese language)

Sixth session: Long-term financing for housing and urban infrastructure

Pekka Averio, CEO of Municipality Finance, Finland:
The Finnish housing finance systemand the role of Municipality Finance
Cláudio Frischtak, President of Inter B. Consultoria Internacional de Negócios, Brazil:
Infrastructure Investments in Brazil
Christian KönigChief Counsel, Association of Private German Bausparkassen:
Long term financing for housing in Europe
Lina Ghbeish, General Manager, Mortgage & Leasing Directorate of Palestine Capital Markets Authority:
Long term housing finance and urban infrastructure in Palestine

Closing speech

Elkin Velasquez, Director of the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean /UN-HABITAT: Sustainable urban development in Latin America: Adding urban value to socio-economic policies and infrastructure projects

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