2014 – 100th Anniversary IUHF Congress, Germany

A World Congress on the occasion of the IUHF’s 100th anniversary took place in Munich, Germany,
from 11 to 12 September 2014 under the motto “Building the Future”.

The congress was supported by the Association of Private German Bausparkassen.



Thursday 11 September 2014

Official opening and first session: Housing finance institutions and financial instruments

Andreas J. Zehnder, President of the IUHF, Germany: 100 years of housing finance
Walter Buser, City Council of Munich:
Challenges of housing and urban development policy faced by the city of Munich
Alex J. Pollock, American Enterprise Institute, USA:
Perspectives and lessons from 100 years of housing finance
Anthony J. Ward, Home Funding Limited, UK:
The re-emergence of the RMBS as a funding mechanism – will it be different this time post crisis?


Friday 12 September 2014

Second session: Housing finance institutions and financial instruments (continued)

Herbert G. Pfeiffer, European Federation of Building Societies, Slovakia:
Savings as part of sound housing finance
András G. Botos, Association of Hungarian Mortgage Banks, Hungary:
Frequently asked questions about Covered Bonds
Kapil Wadhawan, Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited, India:
The great Indian opportunity

Third session: Regulatory developments in the field of housing finance

Stephen A. O’Connor, Mortgage Bankers Association, USA:
Post-crisis mortgage regulation in the US –  an evolving process
Adrian Steiner, European Commission, Belgium:
The Mortgage Credit Directive: An EU framework for mortgage credits
Ulrich von Zanthier, KPMG, Germany: Impact of regulatory requirements on banks
Cas Coovadia, The Banking Association South Africa:
Housing finance regulation – where the developed and developing environments meet

Fourth session: Real estate economics

Masato Koumura, Japan Housing Finance Agency , Japan:
Challenges in the changing social environments for the next century – harmonization of tradition and Innovation
Thorsten Beck, Cass Business School, UK: Housing finance across the globe – challenges and risks
Eduardo Rottmann, Brazilian Appraisal Institute, Brazil:
The effects of financial expansion on housing Prices in Brazil – is there a new bubble in sight?
Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi, Asia-Pacific Union for Housing Finance, USA:
Housing and housing finance challenges and initiatives in OIC member countries
Åsa Johansson, OECD, Sweden: Housing policies for renovation

Fifth session: Real estate economics
 (continued) and official conclusion

Datuk Seri Michael K C Yam, Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association, Malaysia:
The success of the housing delivery system in Malaysia
José Luis Romero Hicks, Grupo de Apoyo a la Vivienda, Mexico:
An economic approach to Mexico’s housing market
Keynote speech: Christian Felber, Austria:
The future of money, banks, and credit – reconciling democratic values and the financial world

Closing speech: Andreas J. Zehnder, President of the IUHF, Germany

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