32nd World Congress of IUHF: Venue and Date

    September 18 and 19 2024
    Humboldt Carré, Behrenstraße 42, 10117 Berlin, Germany

    Registration fee *:
    On the evening of September 18, all congress delegates are invited to a festive dinner on the rooftop terrace of the German Bundestag. Due to security measures, all participants must be able to show their passport or identity document at the entrance control. In addition, the date of birth of the guests is required in advance.
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    I agree that my first name and surname, if applicable my title, the name of the institution I work for and my position will be included in the list of participants, which will be handed out to the participants of the event if they are interested:
    I am aware that photographs and video recordings will be made during the above-mentioned event and that I may also be clearly recognizable in these recordings. I agree to the use of these images and recordings for the purposes of IUHF public relations work in print and digital media, in particular also in social media (YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.):
    I agree that the IUHF may also use the data I have provided in the registration form in the future to inform me about similar IUHF events, in particular by e-mail, in compliance with data protection regulations:

    If you would like to inform us of any special requests regarding registration (e.g. participation as a speaker or registration of an accompanying person for the dinner only), please simply reply to the confirmation e-mail you will receive shortly after registration.
    You can find the information on data protection here.