Become a member

How to Join

Any institution or individual that is materially engaged in housing and/or housing finance shall be eligible for membership of the International Union for Housing Finance (IUHF). Such institutions might include lenders, providers of services to lenders, trade associations, regulators, academic institutions, government departments/agencies or central banks.

Membership of the Union shall be acquired through written application (including faxed or e-mailed) to the Secretary General. Applications should contain:

  1. the completed and signed copy of the IUHF Membership Application Form;
  2. the applicant organisation/individual’s name and full registered address;
  3. the principal person of contact within the applicant organisation and their full contact details;
  4. an introduction of the applicant organisation/individual (i.e. its history, core areas of business, market coverage, key statistics etc.); and
  5. a summary of the applicant organisation/individual’s motivations for becoming a member of the IUHF.

For all additional information relating to membership of the IUHF and how to apply for membership, please contact the Secretariat.

Membership Subscriptions

There is no joining fee to become a member of the Union although members are required to pay an annual membership subscription fee in order to maintain their membership status.

The Union operates a subscription scale which requires members to pay varying annual subscription fees based upon the type and size (in terms of assets) of their organisation. For further information on the Union’s membership fees click here.

If you are unable to identify where your organisation fits into the subscription scale, please do not hesitate to contact the IUHF Secretariat.