Other Publications

  • Secondary Mortgage Markets: International Perspectives by Michael J. Lea
  • Secondary Market-Based Versus Depository-Based Housing Finance Systems by Dr. Jack Guttentag
  • Simplicity Versus Complexity in the Evolution of Housing Finance Systems by Alex J. Pollock
  • The Applicability of Secondary Mortgage Markets to Developing Countries by Michael J. Lea
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues Related to Securitization in Mexico: Part 1 by Study for Ministry of Finance, National Banking and Securities Commission and Banco de México
  • Credit Enhancement for Mortgage Securitization and Related Capital Adequacy Issues in Mexico by Study for Ministry of Finance, National Banking and Securities Commission and Banco de México
  • The Role of Financial Guarantees in Securitization by Mahesh Kotecha
  • Technology and Secondary Mortgage Market Development: A Regulatory Perspective by Mark Kinsey
  • Government-Sponsored Enterprises and the Transformation of the American Housing Finance System by Thomas Stanton


  • Mortgage Lending in Brazil: The Existing Housing Finance System and the New Financing System for the Real Estate Industry by Luiz E. Pinto Lima
  • Mortgage Securitization in the UK: An Emerging Market? by Tim Freeman
  • The French Secondary Mortgage Market by Charles A. Stone and Anne Zissu
  • Mortgage Finance in Denmark by Torben Gjede
  • The Evolving Canadian Housing Finance System and the Role of Government by Lawrence D. Jones
  • The Structure of Mortgage Markets in Mexico and Prospects for Their Securitization by Christopher B. Barry, Gonzalo Castañeda and Joseph B. Lipscomb
  • Capital Market Development in the Caribbean: The Home Mortgage Bank of Trinidad and Tobago by Calder Hart
  • Housing Finance and the Secondary Mortgage Market in Australia by Anthony Gill
  • The Secondary Mortgage Market in Malaysia by Hwuang Sin Cheng
  • The Home Finance Company Limited in Ghana, West Africa by Stephanie Baeta Ansah
  • Creating a Secondary Mortgage Facility in Jordan by Douglas B. Diamond
  • The Argentinean Mortgage Market by Luis Carlos Cerolini
  • The Feasibility of a Regional Secondary Mortgage Facility in Central America by Michael J. Lea
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